Pop-up Window in the Web App. What Happened and What to Do?

Recently, we have moved to a new domain and those of you who have downloaded the app before April 7 might have noticed a little something. A pop-up window appeared at the top of the main page, but when you try to close it, it won't disappear. We are here to address your questions and let you know how to go about it.


Does it interfere with the app?

No, it does not affect the performance of the application in any way. Keep on trading, it’s awesome as ever!

How to remove the box from the screen?

To get this fixed you should reinstall the app. To do so, please follow our instructions.

1️⃣ Open the app, click on the three dots in the right upper corner and choose Uninstall TabTrader.


2️⃣ Clear your cache.


3️⃣ Go to to reinstall the app.


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