TabTrader partners with Solminter to reach the next milestone

The TabTrader team is pleased to announce a cooperation with Solminter. We have partnered with the platform to manage some aspects of token supply. Solminter turned out to be an ideal solution for airdrop distribution. With a highly intuitive interface and clear visuals, Solminter delivered a seamless and stress-free experience.

Solminter is a gateway into the SPL ecosystem. With the service you can easily create and manage your own token in just a few clicks, no coding is required. Solminter provides a comprehensive toolkit that allows one to mint, customize, lock, distribute and burn SPL tokens.

TabTrader and Solminter have known each other for a while and decided it was a good time to take this acquaintance one step further. ”Our long-term goal is for everyone in the world to have access to the world of crypto. Launching our own token is the next logical step to growing the ecosystem around the project. Thanks to Solminter, the launch was smooth as butter,” said Kirill Suslov, TabTader Founder and CEO.

Michael Song, Solminter CTO and Co-founder said:

“We are happy to have found a project with similar values and the same degree of determination to make a high-end product and ensure it meets users’ needs.”

Cooperation with Solminter allowed TabTrader to focus on the core product while managing its own token in a code-free environment. $TTT will power the platform and have a multitude of uses, including in-app purchases, transaction fee rebates and governance participation. Moreover, TabTrader token could be used as a prize pool for trading competitions.