What is WAGMI?

What is WAGMI?
Kirill Suslov
Kirill Suslov
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WAGMI is an acronym for "We're all gonna make it".

This expression is commonly utilized on social media platforms such as Twitter to spur and empower individuals. It serves as a call to arms, suggesting a turning point in sentiment toward increased certainty and conviction, particularly when there is positive news in the cryptocurrency markets.

The thought behind WAGMI is that anybody, regardless of their background or involvement, can generate better-than-average income from cryptocurrency trading.

WAGMI is more than a catchphrase; it implies an understanding that speaks to the conviction of the cryptocurrency community — that it will triumph in the end after weathering the approaching storm. It passes on a sense of acceptance and solidarity in a space known for raging competition and heightened volatility.

WAGMI can also be used unexpectedly, however, to express skepticism or even hatred. It serves as a reaction to excessively hopeful or overstated claims made by promoters, examiners and social media influencers. By using WAGMI, individuals can invite criticism of whichever outlandish claims have been made in the past or which continue to circulate.

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