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Did you join us yesterday for the first live stream with our CEO Kirill Suslov? Just in case you missed it, here is the AMA recap!

This project is already so big, and maybe you can hold another airdrop to build a strong community in the future?

We plan to do a retroactive airdrop for TabTrader app users.

Many new projects initially make a good impression when listed, but after a period of operation, they are forgotten. How will you manage your project to gain a foothold in the market?

It’s hard to distinguish signal from noise. Investors and speculators alike sometimes don’t think from first principles. We need to understand what creates value. Remember dot-bombs in the early 2000s, like Only the selected committed few survived, who concentrated not on the marketing, hype and buzz-words, but building great sustainable products and services. The same happened in crypto in the 2014-2017 cycle, when there was an ICO for everything: coin for petroleum, coin for a haircut salon. But only products with intrinsic ever lasting value survived. This time it could rhyme. Hype and buzzwords aside (and I mean metaverse, NFT gaming, etc.), what is the typical use case for any crypto? Currently, it's speculation, exchanging one for the other, or for the fiat or stable coin. So, integration with CEXes have proven that we can build a great product that makes investing possible with just a smartphone and we will double click on that in the DeFi space. No frills, no buzzwords. Just DeFi on mobile. On top of solving a fundamental problem for the user we will rely on marketing to get our message across. We will nurture our existing community, make new partnerships and listings. Lastly, we are not relying on selling any of the treasury to fund the development. We are well funded and are making revenue. So the team does not need to be selling its tokens and providing any negative price pressure.

Can you tell us about your governance model and if TTT holders have the right to submit proposal and participate in the governance of the project? To what extent can TTT holders exercise their right to vote, and what project decision can they vote on?

Holders of the token will be able to vote on certain new features, new exchanges to be listed, new tokens to be listed and other product related topics.

What is the TabTrader Token use case?

Currently, we have implemented a partnership with the largest Solana based exchange for yield farming. You can use your TTT on any platform to earn dual rewards both in TTT and a corresponding RAY or ORCA tokens. One of the use cases so many holders are excited about is governance. That includes voting on new features, new exchanges and tokens to be listed, and other product related topics. Current paid services could be accessed with TTT payments, discounted if paid in TTT, or accessible for stakers. However limitations apply, because we have to comply with Google and Apple rules.

We plan to introduce fee rebates or discounts. Aggregation of DeFi means that TabTrader can charge a convenience fee for transactions. Such fees can be charged in or rebated in TTT. Server side API calls by algo traders could be charged in TTT on a pay-as-you-go basis, because tx fees are cheap on Solana. API could be accessible too if enough TTT is staked. API access could include historical data retrieval, real time data subscription, as well as order execution and management.

Another use case is trade mining. Users can get more tokens if they trade more. This is like a cashback for trading. It helps increase trading volumes, at the same time rewarding token holders. We will be the only service that implements this option. There were some attempts in the past, like OTN, ONE token but such tokens didn’t get a user base.

Early or premium access will give high tier holders access to some paid or otherwise unavailable features and privileges. Also you could benefit from a TTT managed account. TabTrader provides a TTT funded account to an eligible trader. All profits are kept by the trader. Losses are limited at some fixed percentage drawdown. Good traders essentially get free capital, while token holders get their token high on CMC.

Referral bonuses might be available to ensure a viral growth of the product. A two way referral system could be introduced: rewarding the invitee and the inviter with TTT, similar to Uber. We plan to implement social trading. You might be eligible to print an immutable record of your trading results into the blockchain with a token, so that followers could access your managed account once copy trading is introduced. Another use case is token bonds. The foundation can acquire its own liquidity by selling TTT at discount. This ensures limitations of price pressure.

Is there any possibility that TabTrader gonna make its own CEX in the future? What is the next goal for TabTrader?

We are going to concentrate on DeFi at the moment. More specifically it has to do with aggregating some of the most fragmented parts of the DeFi: DEXes, even creating our own DEX with aggregated liquidity from other exchanges, aggregating the best pools for you, getting all staking opportunities in the same UI. We have a very good chance to build a mobile first DEX, that no one has done before. And finally we are going to implement utilities of the token into the app.

What do you think is the most catchy part or detail about Tabtrader's app UI and utilities. Share some insights on developing current UI and utilities.

TabTrader was always a mobile-only. We are professionals in the mobile experience. This comes from our past work. As a team we have built 6 blockchain projects. In our UI we are most proud of the charts. Unlike competitors, TabTrader only uses native languages: Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android and Javascript for web. This nativity enables TabTrader to have highly responsive apps. TabTrader is most proud of its killer homemade Android/ iOS charting library giving competitors a very high entry barrier. Instead of using anything proprietary or even open source, TabTrader created its own library which now makes our app stand out. The charts are much faster than any competitor (crypto, forex or even traditional stock brokerage). Our charting component gives advanced technical analysis functionality which again not many other apps can even dream of.

First things first, I would like to wish success for a very good project done by the team and community support. 1. Will TabTrader launch its own DEX? 2. Will TabTrader launch Wallet?

Yes. Our focus is on DeFi and with our extensive experience in providing connectivity to CEXes we will create a DEX. Our goal is to become the best DeFi investment app, which means that users will be able to connect their existing wallets or use our wallet.

If TabTrader can add borrowing, lending and staking functions to the project, that would be great.

We plan to introduce multichain borrowing, lending and staking aggregation. You will have all opportunities to use your tokens from a single UI.

How do you see the future of TabTrader as a trading software? Are you planning to develop a desktop version? Thank you

We plan a few bug releases in Q1 2022. We plan to release a web version which will allow users to access all the functionality from their browser. Another good news is the release of the web app on your computer. Similar to Youtube music or Spotify you can have TabTrader as an app on your Windows, Linux or Mac as a separate app. It will be in sync with your mobile device, so if you are away from your desk, you can still continue monitoring the markets. And lastly, as far as the UI is concerned we are planning to release trading on iOS, which is still unavailable.

Can you share the development plan of the project in the upcoming 6 month?

We plan to release a server side API for historical market data, current real-time market data and execution and order management API. This will solve a problem for algo traders.

What makes your app unique and different from the rest of the competition?

Mobile approach.

In the roadmap, I saw that you plan to implement advanced alerts. Can you share with us ideas how it will look like?

We have been working on rebuilding our internal architecture to allow advanced alerts on any technical indicator value or percentage change, pump or dump alerts, alerts on your protoflio, wallet or exchange account transactions, and alerts on executed trades.

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