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Android 6.0 release, May 2023

This release features a highly anticipated addition — our own in-app non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. Read on to find out more about it as well as some other exciting new features that are now available.

TabTrader Wallet

TabTrader Wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet that connects to the Solana blockchain. Alongside all the standard functionality you'd expect from a cryptocurrency wallet, such as viewing balance and transaction history, sending and receiving assets, it also offers a range of unique features. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into each of them.

Buying crypto with fiat

Users can conveniently purchase cryptocurrency with their credit or debit card through TabTrader’s integrated payment processing service — Moonpay. Simply click the “Buy” button on the wallet’s main screen to be directed to Moonpay's website.


Buying crypto with fiat with TabTrader

Tracking public addresses on the Solana blockchain

Tracking accounts enable users to view all the publicly available information related to any public address on the Solana blockchain, including the amount of cryptocurrency stored, incoming and outgoing transactions, orders placed on decentralized exchanges, and completed trades. To add a tracking account, tap the “+ Account” button on the “Accounts” tab and select “Solana” from the list.


Tracking public addresses on the Solana blockchain

Connecting third-party wallets via the Wallet Adapter

In addition to our in-app wallet, the TabTrader app is compatible with several third-party non-custodial wallets on the Solana blockchain, including Phantom and Solflare. Simply select “Solana Wallet Adapter” from the list of available account types.


Connecting third-party wallets

Managing Seed Vault-protected wallets

Users of Saga, Solana's web3-oriented mobile phone, can connect their Seed Vault-protected wallets to TabTrader.


Managing seed-Vault-protected wallets

To access comprehensive instructions on how to use all the features of TabTrader Wallet, please consult the TabTrader Help Center or explore a dedicated video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Other updates

Selecting a common currency of conversion for account balances

Users can now view the balances of all their exchange accounts in a single currency of their choice. Tap the currency selector in the upper right corner of the “Accounts” screen to choose from a list of popular crypto or fiat assets.


Selecting a common currency of conversion for account balances

Viewing trade details on the chart

By placing the crosshair over a trade on the chart, it is now possible to view the details of that trade, such as the amount, price, and total value.


Viewing trade details on the chart

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or join our Telegram group if you have any questions or need any assistance. We hope you find these new features useful and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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