Exploring New Features in TabTrader 6.1 for Android

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Android 6.1 release, August 2023

This update introduces several new chart shapes, enhanced chart zoom functionality, support for device-specific biometrics, alerts sorting, and much more. Let's explore each of the new additions in detail.

New Chart Shapes

Measure tools

The “measure tools” chart shapes allow users to measure change in price and duration between two points on the chart. Unlike the regular measure tool which is meant to disappear after use, the measure tools chart shapes are persistent, providing users with a continuous visual reference. These shapes come in three varieties - Date and Price Measure, Date Measure, and Price Measure.

1 Measure tools.gif


The path chart shape enables users to draw a connected sequence of straight line segments on the chart. It can be used to visually represent trend lines, support and resistance levels, or other relevant patterns to aid in technical analysis and trading decision-making.

2 Path.gif

Horizontal Ray

The horizontal ray chart shape is a type of ray shape that is always parallel to the x-axis, without an adjustable angle.

3 Horizontal ray.gif

Elliott Waves

Elliott Waves chart shapes are designed to assist traders in visually representing and analyzing Elliott Wave patterns on the price chart. There are five main types of Elliott Waves chart shapes currently available in the app: the Elliott Impulse Wave (12345), Elliott Correction Wave (ABC), Elliott Triangle Wave (ABCDE), Elliott Triple Combo Wave (WXYXZ), and Elliott Double Combo Wave (WXY).

4 Elliott Waves.gif

Chart Zoom Gestures

We have improved the accuracy and stability of the “Pinch zoom” gesture and added support for two new ones: "Double tap" and "Double tap and drag".

Double Tap

By double tapping on the desired location on the chart users can quickly zoom in on specific areas of interest.

5 Double tap.gif

Double Tap and Drag

The Double Tap and Drag gesture allows for convenient control over the chart zoom level. Start by double tapping on the desired location of the chart and keep your finger on the screen. Then, drag your finger up or down to adjust the zoom level according to your preference.

6 Double tap zoom.gif

Enhanced Transaction Details Overview

TabTrader Wallet's transaction approval and result dialogs for sending funds, placing orders on decentralized exchanges, settling funds, and canceling DEX orders now provide users with a more comprehensive overview of transaction details.

12 Transaction approval and result dialogs.gif

Improved Handling of Rectangle Chart Shape and Measure Tool

We have improved the manipulation features for two essential charting elements: the rectangle chart shape and the measure tool.

  • Both the rectangle chart shape and the measure tool now support non-proportionate resizing. By dragging their sides, users can adjust their width and height independently.
  • The measure tool now has handles for proportionate resizing in all four corners.
  • The measure tool can now be moved within the chart by long-pressing and dragging its coordinate origin.
7 Improved chart shapes handling.gif

Background Settings for Fibonacci Shapes

Users are now able to customize the background of Fibonacci shapes, namely Fibonacci Arcs and Fibonacci Levels. They can adjust the transparency level to their preference and choose a single background color for all Fibonacci areas within the shape.

8 Background settings for Fibonacci.gif

Enhanced Biometric Authentication Support

TabTrader for Android now supports proprietary biometric authentication systems from Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, Meizu, Prestigio, Huawei, Honor, and Oppo manufacturers. This empowers users with a wider range of Android devices to use their preferred biometric authentication method when logging into TabTrader.

Alerts Sorting

Users can now sort their alerts in the alert list by time of creation, activation, and triggering.

9 Alerts sorting.gif

API Setup Assistance

The API key setup page for each exchange now includes a link to a Help Center article with comprehensive guidance on how to generate API keys for that specific exchange.

10 Offer help center articles.gif

Accounting for the Exchange Fee when Placing an Order for Maximum Balance

In the order form, when a user places an order for the maximum available balance by tapping the "Max" button, the "Total" field now displays the amount, including the exchange fee.

11 Calculate and subtract fee.gif

Adding Instrument to a Watchlist from the Instrument Page

Users can now add an instrument to a watchlist directly from the instrument’s page. Tap the star icon in the action bar and select the desired watchlist from the pop-up bottom sheet.

13 Dialog suggesting to add a pair.gif

Discover New and Improved TabTrader for Android

We hope you enjoy these new additions to TabTrader for Android. If you have any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected], via our Telegram group, or through our in-app support channels.

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