Introducing the Discover Screen: Navigate the Crypto World with Ease

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We are pleased to introduce our latest major addition to the platform - the Discover screen. This new feature empowers users to explore and uncover new investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space effortlessly.

What Is the Discover Screen?

The Discover screen is a dedicated section within our app that aggregates a wide variety of cryptocurrencies available in the market and provides a range of convenient tools for analyzing their performance.

Using the Discover screen, users can explore different asset categories, sort cryptocurrencies based on parameters such as rank and market capitalization, access comprehensive information for each asset, including market statistics and historical price charts, and more.To access the Discover screen on TabTrader, simply tap "Discover" on the navigation bar. 

Discover Screen Overview

The Discover screen is structured around three primary tabs: "Coins," "Categories," and "Sectors." 

Coins Tab


The Coins tab serves as a comprehensive directory of all cryptocurrencies currently available on the market. It is a scrollable list, where each line corresponds to a cryptocurrency and displays its rank, logo, ticker symbol, market cap, current price, and percentage price change over a customizable timeframe. Users can sort the list by each of the numerical parameters by simply tapping on the corresponding header.

Coin Details Page

Upon selecting a specific cryptocurrency, users are directed to its dedicated page, with in-depth information about it. At the top of the page,  there is a header containing basic details, including the asset’s logo, name, rank, ticker symbol, current price, and percentage price change over the selected period.Below the header, there are two main tabs:


 This tab includes:

  • A chart displaying the historical price performance of the asset over customizable timeframes;
  •  A list of the asset’s market statistics including trading volume in the last 24 hours, market dominance, market capitalization, fully diluted market capitalization, circulating supply, and total supply;
  •  A text description, providing further insights into the asset's characteristics;
  • A list of categories within the Discover screen to which the asset belongs.

This tab shows all the trading pairs for the selected asset on different exchanges within TabTrader. Each row provides details about a specific trading pair, including its name, exchange, current price, and trading volume over the last 24 hours.Users have the option to add any trading pair to their preferred watchlist by simply clicking on the star icon beside it. Furthermore, selecting the trading pair itself redirects users to its dedicated instrument page.

Additionally, users can easily share information about the selected cryptocurrency with others through various communication channels or social media platforms using the share button located above the header in the toolbar.

Categories Tab


Within the Categories tab, users can explore various lists of tokens and coins categorized based on different criteria such as market sector, technology type, utility, affiliation with various established companies, etc. For each category, the list shows its name, market capitalization, total coin count, and the weighted average price change of assets within it over the past 24 hours and 30 days.

Category Page

Each category page displays detailed information about the selected category. The top section of the page shows key metrics such as the category name, market capitalization, total coin count, and weighted average price change over 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

Below, users can find a list of tokens within the category, offering functionality akin to the Coins Tab. This list provides essential details for each cryptocurrency and enables sorting by various criteria.

Sectors Tab


The Sectors tab lists groups of tokens and coins organized based on their affiliation with particular blockchains. Similar to the Categories tab, each sector is listed with its name, market capitalization, total coin count, and the weighted average price change over the past 24 hours and 30 days.

Sector Page

The Sector page mirrors the structure and functionality of the Category page. Users are presented with comprehensive market metrics for the sector at the top, followed by a sortable list of all tokens within that sector.

Main Functions of the Discover Screen:

The Discover screen is a versatile tool for analyzing and exploring various cryptocurrencies in the market. While its uses are diverse, some of the fundamental ones include:

  • Discovering new cryptocurrencies:  The list of cryptocurrencies within the Discover Screen includes the majority of all known cryptocurrencies in the market. This provides users with a vast selection to explore and potentially discover new profitable investment opportunities.
  • Staying on top of market trends: The Discover Screen offers continuously updated market statistics on all of its listed cryptocurrencies. This allows users to effortlessly track trends and gain insights into the overall performance of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Conducting In-Depth Research: Comprehensive research is crucial before investing in any asset. The Discover Screen streamlines this process by consolidating detailed information about each cryptocurrency.


We genuinely hope you'll enjoy exploring the vast world of cryptocurrencies with our Discover Screen and can’t wait to get your feedback!If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts, please don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected], via our Telegram group, or through our in-app support channels.

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