Kirill Suslov's Top 5 Tweets in 2021

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Kirill Suslov, the visionary founder of TabTrader and a passionate crypto advocate, firmly believes in the future of DeFi.

If you've been following our Twitter, you've likely come across his exceptional tweets (we're avid followers). Today, we bring you his top tweets that encapsulate a year of hard work, new challenges, and some hearty laughter.

I love trading the levels - the good old horizontal, support, and resistance levels. With these three, anyone can be a pro trader, whether you're into scalping or swinging

Coming from a financial background, Kirill not only simplifies trading for the world but is an active trader himself. His feed is filled with charts, news, trends, and his personal market experiences. 

I'm an emoji enthusiast 🦧. Even on charts, emojis make communication easier 🤝. So here's your call to action: use emojis, and make me happy

Our top priority is user experience. We aim to provide the best product, ensuring you enjoy every moment on our app. 

🧠 It costs ¢0.001 for a one-dollar transaction on Solana vs. $57 on Ethereum. A no-brainer. We wholeheartedly support the Solana ecosystem and its myriad opportunities.

We celebrated the Solana community at Breakpoint November this year. Stay tuned for our next move in the exciting 2022!

Come meet us at our @tabtraderpro booth at #slush2021.

We actively participate in blockchain and tech events worldwide. At TabTrader, we love traditions, so in December, we joined the beloved Slush event. Thanks to all who visited! We were thrilled to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

48,000% oversubscribed 🚀 on @gate_io!

What a ride it's been! Launching TabTrader's native token, we witnessed unprecedented interest and oversubscription on, Raydium, and Solamium launchpads. Thanks for being part of our journey and believing in us.

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