New version TabTrader 5.1 for Android

Android 5.1 release, June 2022

The latest release of TabTrader for Android offers multiple improvements and new features that will hopefully make your experience with our product even more enjoyable. Check out the highlights of this release below.

User notes

Text notes are now available in the instrument. You can write down your ideas, comments or calculations and come back to them at any time. 1.png

Instrument tabs

Now you can change the order of the tabs in the instrument. Move your most used tabs front and center so they are easy to reach.

2 (1).gif

Alerts list

Remove alerts by type or altogether using the new dropdown menu under the Alerts tab. It will help you sort your alerts faster and more efficiently.

3 (1).gif

Orders list

We’ve made it easier to cancel multiple orders at the same time.

4 (1).gif

Orderbook update

We’ve upgraded the orderbook with the bid-ask correlation shown at the bottom of the screen. It reflects the market movement in real time for you to easily grasp the current market sentiment.

5 (1).gif

Sharing charts

Enjoy stylish branded screenshots to share with your friends or target audience. It’s better than ever with the new and improved design.


We have also:

  • Removed duplicate trades
  • Increased widget text size
  • Set the default order type at “limit”, when opening the order form from the chart or from the orderbook.
  • Fixed sound notifications

    Stay tuned for further updates!