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iOS 3.2 release, April 2022

TabTrader iOS 3.2 makes the app better than ever for busy traders with more than one account on each exchange.

In this release we’ve made it easier to work with shapes and tried to bring in the things you’ve been asking for: from now on you can scan Binance’s native QR codes, make notes over instruments and expand your technical analysis with new shapes. Turkish is now also available in the app.

Multiple accounts

Adding multiple accounts per exchange is now possible. 1.gif

Account management

Customize your account screen overview: title your APIs and add colors; set a default account for each exchange. Switch between your trading accounts right from within trading instruments. 2+3.gif

Frequently used instruments

When switching from the wallet, you will see frequently used instruments at the top of the list. 4.gif

Orderbook upgrade

Your active orders are now highlighted in the order book. 5.gif

User notes

Make your own notes. Write down your ideas, thoughts and calculations for future reference. 6а_1.png

Shape usability

A new toolbar that allows you to edit the shapes is now available:
• Snap trend lines to the horizontal axis and candles (can be turned off and on under the chart settings);
• Lock shapes and undo changes when editing a shape;
• Now, we’ve got rays in the shapes. 7+8+9.gif

What else

Now when the 2FA is being enabled, a QR-code can be displayed. 10_1.png

To connect a Binance account to the TabTrader app, you can scan the QR-code directly on Binance.