TabTrader 4.0 for iOS: New Features

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iOS 4.0 release, May 2023

In this release, we've included a long-awaited feature: our own in-app, non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. Now you can easily store, send, receive, and trade crypto assets on decentralized exchanges right within the TabTrader app. Read on to learn more about TabTrader Wallet as well as other exciting additions in this release.

TabTrader Wallet

TabTrader wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet for the Solana blockchain. Beyond the core wallet features, such as the ability to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies, view transaction history, and check balances, TabTrader Wallet also introduces some distinctive capabilities, outlined below.

Buying crypto with fiat

TabTrader Wallet allows users to conveniently purchase cryptocurrency using their credit or debit cards through our integrated payment processing service, Moonpay. By clicking the "Buy" button on the wallet's main screen, users are directed to Moonpay's website, where they can complete their cryptocurrency purchase in a few simple steps.


Buying crypto with fiat with TabTrader

Tracking public addresses on the Solana blockchain

On the “Accounts” tab users can now create a “tracking account” to monitor all publicly available information related to a specific address on the Solana blockchain. This includes the total balance of tokens and coins held in the address, a list of all incoming and outgoing transactions, orders made on decentralized exchanges, and completed trades.


Tracking public addresses on the Solana blockchain

For detailed instructions on how to use all the features of TabTrader Wallet, please refer to the TabTrader Help Center or watch a dedicated video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Other updates

New shape: horizontal ray

The current update introduces a new shape called “horizontal ray.” Unlike the regular ray shape, which has an adjustable angle and is placed initially at 45 degrees to the x-axis, the horizontal ray is always parallel to the x-axis.


Horizontal ray<br>

Customizing the background color and transparency of Fibonacci shapes

Users are now able to customize the background of their Fibonacci shapes (Fibonacci levels and Fibonacci arcs). Instead of each Fibonacci zone of the shape being assigned a different color by default, users can now select a single color for all zones. Additionally, they can now adjust the transparency level of the background to their preference.


Customizable color and transparency of Fibonacci shapes&nbsp;

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have at [email protected] or join our Telegram group. We hope you find these new features useful and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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