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In an effort to drive up crypto awareness and empower people on their journey to financial freedom, here at TabTrader we have decided to launch a free learning platform: TabTrader Academy.

TT Academy is an educational resource made for traders by traders. TabTrader Academy offers free educational materials in 6 different languages on a wide range of topics, including trading, technical analysis, economics, blockchain, cryptocurrency, security and technology. TabTrader Academy is a guide that anyone can benefit from. Whether you are new to the crypto scene or have been around for some time, we’ve got you covered. Here you will find the latest industry updates, trading tips and strategies, in-depth analytics and more. Each article comes with a video tutorial to help you better understand the topic.

We've created TT Academy to raise awareness about the world of modern finance and enable blockchain enthusiasts and crypto traders worldwide to always have access to all the relevant information.

We’ve been hard at work launching this new project of ours and are excited to announce that this is only the beginning. We plan to expand the range of topics and experiment with new features and functionality. Soon we will add podcasts to all articles in TabTrader Academy, introduce filters and advanced search, as well as enable comments and reactions to posts.

Are you ready to start your learning journey? Here’s our top picks for you:

For free quality content on cryptocurrency and trading, please visit TabTrader Academy.

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