TabTrader iOS 3.3

July 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new version of TabTrader for iOS. Here is what’s new.

Minimize the order form

Minimize the order form to hide it from view without losing the data in the input fields. To minimize the order form, you can click on the arrow in the upper right corner or swipe down. After the window has been minimized, you will see a corresponding button at the bottom of the screen.


Select a ticker timeframe in the watchlist

Our Pro subscription users can now select a ticker timeframe in the watchlist. View ticker price changes over the last hour, day, week or 30 days.


Customize the order lines

Now you can choose not only the color but also the thickness and pattern of the order lines.


Doji candles’ color

On candlestick, bar and Heikin Ashi charts you can now set the color for candles/bars with matching opening and closing.


Copy alerts and shapes

To quickly create new alerts and shapes, copy the existing ones and customize the copies. Both alerts and shapes can be copied on a price chart and in their respective lists.



Delete user profile

In the interest of user privacy, TabTrader for iOS now allows users to delete their account within the app.


Bid-ask volume ratio in the orderbook

You can now see a real-time bid-ask volume ratio diagram in the order book. This feature will allow our users to more easily grasp the current market sentiment for any trading pair.


We hope that these improvements will make your experience with our app even more enjoyable than before. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions and stay tuned for further updates!