🔥TabTrader Token Listing Today🔥

We have seen an unprecedented interest in the product in the last couple of weeks. Both Solanium and Raydium launchpads, as well as were oversubscribed with the participants. TabTrader IDO turned out to be the biggest event on the launchpads so far. We are humbled and touched by the continued faith in our project.

We are taking this opportunity to update you on the latest news here at TabTrader. The IDO has just finished and TabTrader Token (TTT) goes live for trading on and Raydium (swap interface). Waiting for the start at 4 PM (UTC-0), December 2. 🚀

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Starting Price: 0.1 USDT per 1 TTT

Instruments: TTT/USDT
Raydium Swap: TTT/USDC

Initial Circulation Supply is ~21,000,000 TTT or 2,100,000$ in total of:

  • 10,000,000 TTT on Raydium IDO
  • ~10,000,000 TTT on Solanium IDO
  • 800,000 TTT startup presale

We are not done with the news yet! Excited to say that is now on the TabTrader app too! Currently, the data is only available in the view mode. You can already monitor the TTT price, and we will allow trading shortly. The TTT is a utility token and has a variety of uses within the platform: token holders will be able to use TTT for in-app purchases, to pay for transaction fees, and participate in governance.

So, take your chances and start trading the TTT NOW!

With love,
The TabTrader team 🤍