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TabTrader is no longer mobile only. We are happy to announce that after a long time of rigorous work and testing, TabTrader is launching its own web version. Our fully armed web app gives you access to all the TabTrader features you know and love. Monitor your portfolio, perform technical analysis, customize layouts and watchlists, and of course, trade on all major exchanges: all within one unified interface. 

The web brings us closer to our mission of making trading available to everyone in the world. We strive to design the best user experience on all platforms. Hopefully, our web terminal will have the same top rating as our mobile apps.

TabTrader Founder Kirill Suslov

With the TabTrader web app you get:

  • Access to over 30 most popular exchanges
  • Fully customizable interface 
  • Instant alert notifications  
  • Real-time market quotes
  • Full synchronization  
  • Interactive charts
  • All instruments in one tab

Multiple exchanges at your fingertips

TabTrader web app supports most of the well-known exchanges. To find a particular exchange, you can use the search field or simply scroll through the list. You don’t have to sign in to add an exchange or monitor prices, but you might want to register to have access to all the features the app has to offer. 

Customizable interface

Charting, alerts, watchlists and overall user experience can be fully customized to match your needs. You can modify settings and change layouts according to your mood, trading goal or other personal preferences.

Instant alerts

With our fast and reliable alerts, you will always stay in the know. The alerts are synchronized with your account across all your devices, meaning you will never miss a trade.

Real-time market quotes

TabTrader algorithms analyze markets in real-time and are in uninterrupted operation. Whether you are an investor, a trader or just a newbie to the crypto world, you will have access to all the important data 24/7/365 to be able to make well-informed decisions.

All in-sync

TabTrader web app is designed to be fast and powerful and is fully synchronized across all your devices. It seamlessly syncs all your data for the best investment outcomes. 

Charts that stand out

Our live interactive charts allow you to draw shapes, set alerts, add notes for the alerts, and choose from a variety of different colors. To display price charts we utilize our proprietary charting library. No third-party chartings are used.

All instruments under a single tab

With the TabTrader web version you have all the trading instruments on one page. Your watchlists, alerts, charts, order book, last trades, active orders and a window for placing new orders are all in one place for your convenience. 

TabTrader is one of the top 10 crypto apps and one of the fastest-growing crypto projects on the market. We've seen a huge growth and welcomed over 600K new customers last year. We look forward to hearing what you think about TabTrader for the web! 

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