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Web 1.7.7 release, February 2023

Our latest major upgrade of the TabTrader web app offers a host of design and functionality upgrades to make crypto trading from a PC or non-mobile device just like the mobile app.

UI Improvements Overview

  • Check out the new and improved Watchlist, which now features customizable ticker sizes.
  • We’ve also added live wallet balance information to the relevant tickers.
  • Watchlists can now be duplicated and copied using a dedicated context menu.
  • TabTrader Pro users now have a choice of four time periods when displaying Watchlist data.
  • Lots of small, but Impactful UI Improvements for Trading Page

Watchlist Improvements

The Watchlist is the first thing traders see when they open the TabTrader web app, and we wanted to make it a one-stop shop for the most important data.

Personalized Ticker Size Settings



Tickers view in the watchlist: small 



Tickers view in the watchlist: compact 



Tickers view in the watchlist: medium 



Tickers view in the watchlist: large 

To do that, we added ticker size customization — you can now display tickers in four sizes: compact, small, medium and large. This allows you to control how much information you see on the Watchlists page, allowing important ticker data to stand out and be visible at a glance.

Dynamic Balance Updates in Tickers


Live account balance

To reduce the time required to navigate to linked exchange account info, we’ve added your live account balance to the relevant tickers right within the Watchlist. This means you immediately see the balance of a given asset on loading the Watchlist page.

New Context Menu for Watchlist


New context menu

While Watchlists are already highly customizable themselves, it’s now even easier to duplicate, rename or delete them with the new context menu.

New Timeframe Options for Watchlist


New timeframe options for watchlist

If you’re a TabTrader Pro user, there’s a bonus in store — Watchlist tickers now show data from a specific time period. There’s a choice of four: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week and 30 days.

Trading Page Improvements

We’ve been hard at work improving the specific features of trading pages themselves. Exchange trading should be as intuitive as possible — ease-of-use is essential when it comes to nailing a last-minute order or navigating snap volatility.

New Layers Visibility Controls in Trading Page


Menu for layers visibility

With that in mind, chart layers — alerts, indicators, orders, shapes, trades, countdown timer and local minimum and maximum price data — now have their own separate menu to make visibility as straightforward as possible.

Easy Shape Duplication with New Duplicate Button


Shape duplication

We’ve also added a handy duplicate button for easy replication of chart shapes.

Easy-to-Recognize Menu Icons


New icons in the menu

The chart visibility improvements don’t stop there — with the new icons in menus, there’s now even less room for confusion when it comes to picking the type of chart feature you need to apply.

Improvements to Forms and Parameters

Within the web app you’ll notice that the design of individual elements has changed.


We’ve given inputs, buttons, toggles and other features a new look which comes in addition to a large number of smaller tweaks to optimize the user experience.

Improved Label Legibility with Contrast Enhancement


Customizable chart labels 

Another change affects chart labels — these now have different color fonts depending on the color of the label itself. A white or light-colored label, for instance, will have dark-colored text inside it, and vice versa. This is once again done with ease-of-use in mind — the data you need is as clear and visible as possible.

Try the New and Improved TabTrader Web App

Looking for more? These are just some of the many updates already live on the latest version of the TabTrader web app. Give it a go today and discover just how easy, effective and intuitive trading crypto from your PC or non-mobile device can be. Access the TabTrader web app here

We welcome your comments, suggestions and other feedback regarding our suite of crypto trading products and would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch with us on social media or in-app support channels.

Want to find out more about Bitcoin, altcoins, cryptocurrency and crypto trading? Head over to the TabTrader Academy — our dedicated education resource for beginner and advanced traders alike.

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