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After carefully considering your valuable feedback, we have made the decision to expand feature usage limits for our free version users. However, to fuel this upgrade and ensure the platform’s continued development we will introduce non-intrusive in-app advertising. Keep reading to find out the details.

How Will the Ads Work?

TabTrader will feature two distinct types of ads: interstitial and rewarded. Here is a quick rundown of each.

Interstitial Ads:

  • These are full-screen ads that will appear at natural breakpoints within the app, such as when switching between different screens.
  • They will never interrupt you during important tasks such as placing an order or performing technical analysis.
  • The frequency of interstitial ads will be carefully managed to ensure they are minimally disruptive to your trading experience.
  • To express our appreciation for users supporting us through viewing interstitial ads, we're pleased to announce the following extended feature limits:
Alerts Watchlists Shapes per chart Tickers per watchlist
Before update 5 1 5 10
After update 10 4 8 20

Rewarded Ads:

  • Rewarded ads provide users with the option to voluntarily watch a short sponsored video in exchange for a reward.
  • Presently, TabTrader plans to offer only one type of rewarded ad, which will unlock all timeframes of the Pro version. The duration of this unlock may vary.
  • To access this rewarded ad, simply navigate to the chart for any instrument, select the timeframe icon in the toolbar, and tap “Watch Ad”.

Which Platforms Will These Changes Apply To?

Currently, we plan to offer extended limits in exchange for viewing ads within our mobile applications (Android and iOS) only. If you primarily access TabTrader through a web browser, your experience will remain unchanged.

Moreover, it's important to note that extended limits obtained by engaging with ads will only apply to the specific device where they were unlocked. For example, if a user watches a rewarded ad on their Android device, the benefits they unlock will only be accessible on that specific Android device and won't carry over to any other devices.

When Will the Update Take Effect?

The introduction of ads and extended feature limits will take effect on Android with the release of the next version, 6.3.0, scheduled for early March 2024. An update for iOS, incorporating these features, will follow shortly thereafter.

Is It Possible to Disable Ads?

For users who prefer an ad-free experience and desire access to even more advanced tools, we offer a premium subscription option: TabTrader Pro. With TabTrader Pro, traders can enjoy uninterrupted trading and unlock a comprehensive suite of features that will help them maximize their potential in the market.

We've recently raised the discount on TabTrader Pro payments in TTT from 25% to 30%. Find out how to purchase here

Additionally, existing subscribers of our now-obsolete Ad-Free subscription will also continue to enjoy an ad-free environment.


We genuinely value your understanding and support as we continue to work on enhancing our platform. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected], join our Telegram group, or use our in-app support channels. 

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