TabTrader Welcomes MEXC to The List of Supported Exchanges

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We are delighted to introduce MEXC as the newest addition to our supported exchanges.

What is MEXC?

MEXC is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, founded in 2018. It offers a variety of cryptocurrency trading services including spot trading, margin trading, futures trading, and lending, and supports around 1600 cryptocurrency trading pairs. Serving a substantial user base of over 10 million individuals across 170+ countries, MEXC stands as a prominent participant in the global cryptocurrency market.

MEXC Features

Below are some of MEXC’s features that have helped it earn recognition in the crypto community.

High-performance trading engine

As mentioned on the exchange’s official web page, MEXC features a trading engine, capable of completing around 1.4 million transactions per second. This allows MEXC to ensure swift and responsive trading for users even during periods of high market activity.

Low fees

MEXC is known for its competitive fee structure. For example, at the time of writing, MEXC offers 0% fees for both Maker and Taker orders in spot trading.


As one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, MEXC boasts robust liquidity across its supported cryptocurrency trading pairs.

Safety and Stability

MEXC's infrastructure utilizes a multi-tier, multi-cluster system architecture. This design enhances the platform’s reliability and scalability.

How to Connect your MEXC account to TabTrader?

  1. Open TabTrader on either your mobile device or desktop.
  2. Proceed to “Accounts”
  3. Press the “+Account” button (“+” on mobile) to display the list of supported exchanges.
  4. Within your MEXC account settings, generate your API key and secret key.
  5. Enter the generated keys into the prompted dialog box in TabTrader to complete the connection process.

Congratulations! You're now ready to trade on MEXC using TabTrader.

For detailed guidance on connecting MEXC to TabTrader, check our comprehensive instructional videos available for both web and mobile platforms. These videos walk you through each of the aforementioned steps, including the generation of API and secret keys on MEXC.

In Closing

We are excited to add MEXC to our suite of exchanges and hope that this integration will bring additional convenience to your trading experience.

Have questions? Reach out to us at [email protected], via our Telegram group, or through our in-app support channels.

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