Trading Futures on Binance with the TabTrader App: New Features

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We are delighted to share that TabTrader now provides access to a variety of new order placement features on the Binance Futures crypto derivatives exchange. Here is what they are.

Trailing stop order

TabTrader now supports placing Trailing Stop orders for USDⓈ-M and COIN-M futures on Binance Futures. This new order type joins the existing MarketLimitStop Market, and Stop Limit orders.

A Trailing Stop order is a type of stop order that sets its stop price at a certain percentage or dollar amount away from the instrument’s current market price. To learn more about Trailing Stop order and how to use it, check out this article at TabTrader Academy.

The “Reduce only” Flag

Checking the “reduce only” box inside of the order form ensures that your new order will only decrease and never increase your currently open positions.

Time in force

“Time in Force” is an order parameter that determines how long an order will remain active until it’s automatically canceled. If you set time-in-force to “Fill or Kill” your order will be canceled if not executed in its entirety at once. “Immediate or Cancel” fills as much of the order as possible immediately after placement and cancels the reminder.

Post only

By toggling the “Post Only” switch, a trader can ensure that their order will not be executed immediately but instead will add liquidity to the orderbook. Such an order will be charged a lower commission compared to one that is executed right away.

Stop price type

For stop orders, traders now have the option to set the trigger price to“last price” or “mark price.” The “last price” is the most recently recorded transaction price for a contract, while the “mark price” is the estimated fair value of the same contract.

We hope these new features will make your experience trading futures on Binance with TabTrader even more enjoyable. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or join our Telegram group.

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