Who are the Top 3 TabTrader Celebrities?

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TabTrader is the ultimate cryptocurrency trading tool — but did you know who uses it?

Whether iOS, Android or Web, the TabTrader app helps hundreds of thousands consolidate and improve their crypto strategies. Our user base is extremely varied — the flexibility the app provides means TabTrader is suitable for everyone.

This key feature has seen TabTrader become the go-to trading terminal not just for regular traders, but some of the biggest names in the crypto industry.

In this post, we highlight who some of these traders are and how they use the TabTrader app. Continue reading to discover them.

Arthur Hayes


Arthur Hayes

Co-founder of BitMEX

🇭🇰 Hong Kong 

Twitter (335,000 followers)

Who is Arthur Hayes?

There are arguably few names more synonymous with crypto than Arthur Hayes, a former banker who co-founded crypto exchange BitMEX in 2016. It’s been a rollercoaster ride since then, but Hayes is still a vocal commentator, regularly taking to social media and publishing in-depth analysis of crypto and macro market events

Hayes has a long and varied history in traditional finance and the banking world, experience which he frequently details in his blog posts and elsewhere. When it comes to crypto calamities such as the Terra LUNA and Three Arrows Capital meltdown, lessons from TradFi are never hard to find. 

What happened to Arthur Hayes?

Hayes no longer offers in-depth crypto market calls, but when he senses the tide is turning, he doesn’t mince his words — throughout 2022, for instance, he warned on the unsustainability of current U.S. economic policy and the impact of inflation on Bitcoin and other assets.

Arthur Hayes and TabTrader


Arthur Hayes and TabTrader

Here, he uses the TabTrader app to track the Bitcoin price on BitMEX after the fall of another exchange, FTX, in November 2022.

Alex Krueger


Alex Krueger

Economist, trader, entrepreneur

🇺🇸 United States

Twitter (156,000 followers)

Who is Alex Krueger?

Another constant source of real-time analysis on crypto and beyond, economist, trader and entrepreneur Alex Krueger is well known for his forecasts which go against the grain. In Bitcoin since 2013, he contributes material ranging from macroeconomic forecasts to crypto price analysis.

Alex Krueger and crypto

Like Hayes, Krueger also has a long background in traditional finance, transitioning to Bitcoin and the broader crypto sphere in a big way as industry growth gathered pace. An institutional sales trader at HSBC until 2013, he previously served as director of Noboa Group.

Alex Krueger and TabTrader


Alex Krueger and TabTrader

Here’s one example of the latter, which he published with the help of TabTrader, tracking a downtrend in Avalanche (AVAX) earlier this year.

Alex Krueger Twitter

On Twitter, Krueger is known for his acerbic wit and ability to withstand any form of criticism while discussing issues pertinent to Bitcoin. The main focus, however, remains analysis, with frequent posts and links to valuable market takes.

AngeloDOGE (@angelobtc)



Leading BitMEX trader

Twitter (285,000 followers)

Who is AnegolBTC aka AngeloDOGE?

Still known by his longtime Twitter handle, AngeloBTC, this trader has a serious following — but it’s more than just a name and numbers. Angelo, who describes himself as “semi-retired,” frequently appeared on the leaderboard at exchange BitMEX, raking in record-beating profits trading both Bitcoin and altcoins. 

AngeloBTC and TabTrader


He also uses TabTrader to help him do it — here he is in June predicting a BTC price line in the sand at $16,000.

Prior to that, Angelo was one of the few bullish voices in some of Bitcoin’s darkest moments, earning him a keen media following as his takes on the future BTC price went firmly against common consensus. A key example was in March 2020, when BTC/USD fell 60% to hit $3,600 — for Angelo, $30,000 was still a genuine possibility, something which came true less than a year later.


Crypto trading is a tough business, and whether you’re a large or small-volume trader, getting the right market signals at the right time is key. This is how TabTrader helps — crypto markets are notoriously volatile, and having instant access to all your exchange accounts and positions in one place can make all the difference.

During unexpected events such as the Terra and FTX meltdowns, together with the breakdown in price of their altcoin tokens, LUNA and FTT, traders with easy access to their accounts and trading tools had an instant advantage. With on the go mobile apps in addition to a Web integration, TabTrader gives everyone the chance to gain a professional trading edge.

Want to know why crypto’s household names choose TabTrader? We’ve spent years perfecting our app and are constantly rolling out updates and new products to make the trading experience even better.

Join them and the hundreds of thousands of other users trading better with TabTrader — download the app here. Follow us on social media — Twitter and YouTube — to get even more market insights and information.

Want to know more about crypto and how to trade Bitcoin and altcoins? TabTrader’s dedicated education suite, the TabTrader Academy, is here to help.

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