Introduction to TabTrader Wallet

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TabTrader Wallet is a free non-custodial mobile wallet for storing and trading cryptocurrency on the Solana blockchain. It’s available on Android and iOS. 

With TabTrader Wallet, users can transfer and receive crypto assets securely, track their transaction history and keep an eye on their account balances.

TabTrader Wallet is also ideal for trading and managing tokens on decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms.

TabTrader is building ties with the biggest and most popular DEXes such as Openbook, Drift, Mango and others, so DEX trading can be performed right from inside the app.

With the ever-growing popularity of DEXes and anonymity in trading, the app will not even ask you to sign up in order to use TabTrader Wallet. DEX trading is available without having a TabTrader user profile.

The wallet is not synchronized with your TabTrader profile and cannot be accessed from other devices. It is connected only to the device it has been added to.

For local security the app is equipped with secure authentication including fingerprint, PIN code and Face ID.

Using the Wallet Adapter feature, TabTrader Wallet allows you to connect other non-custodial third-party wallets from the Solana blockchain such as Phantom or Solflare. You also have the option to monitor other SOL wallets by adding their public addresses to your list.   

If there is a need to top up your balance with fiat you can do so via the MoonPay service right within the wallet interface. 

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  • Store, receive and send Solana assets
  • Trade on DEXes
  • Wallet Adapter: support for non-custodial third-party wallets
  • Keep track of other SOL wallets 
  • Top-up: quick purchasing of Solana assets 
  • Anonymous use 
  • Device security 

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