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An application programming interface (API) key is a code used to identify and authenticate an application or user. By means of an exchange API traders can access their exchange accounts programmatically, so they can trade without logging in to the exchange. With TabTrader, APIs allow you to query your balance and trading information as well as place orders, all via a single interface.

There are a variety of exchanges supported by TabTrader, so in order to create an API, you’ll need to refer to the instructions for creating API keys on your exchange’s website. Log in to your exchange account and determine where the exchange provides access to API management features. This can be variously located in the security settings, account profile or account control settings.

When generating an API, keep in mind that there are few different permissions for API keys.

Typically, you can enable the following permissions for your API:

1. Read: Query your account’s balance and trading information (trades, orders, positions, funding)

2. Trade: Allows you to place orders and manage your positions

3. Withdraw: Allows you to transfer your assets to another wallet address (this permission is neither recommended nor has any use within TabTrader)

Connecting APIs to TabTrader

The Accounts page gives you an overview of all your exchange accounts in one place.

As the API key pair is created the exchange will display your public and private API keys. These should be securely stored.

Now you’re ready to connect your exchange account.

For security reasons, adding API accounts is allowed only with two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled for your TabTrader profile.

Proceed to Accounts on the navigation bar and click the “+ Account” button in the Accounts list on the left side of the page.

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A list of supported exchanges

A list of available exchanges will be displayed. Select your exchange from the list.

Paste your API and Secret keys into the respective fields. 

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API account in TabTrader Web

Your API account is now added.

Note: some exchanges may request additional parameters for your API, such as ‘passphrase’. Keep in mind that this parameter is a user-made code, so it may not be displayed in your exchange interface. You just have to remember it.

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