TTT is now listed on Orca

We are happy to announce that TTT is now listed on Orca, a decentralized exchange where transactions occur directly between the traders. TTT/USDC trading pair is already live.

tt x orca.png

Orca is an automated market maker that is all about people and solving their real problems. They are on a mission to make it simpler and easier for traders on Solana, and create the best experiences in DeFi. It was initially launched in February 2021 and quickly became one of Solana’s top DeFi projects.

TabTrader founder and CEO Kirill Suslov published several announcements and partnerships that have really favoured the increase of interest during the launch phase. He said, “it is without a doubt that the introduction of TTT token will boost the ecosystem’s attractiveness”.

“The token opens up a lot of possibilities to grow the product in ways that are impossible without it. Token can better engage existing users as well as attract new ones. Innovative trade mining could also be introduced when you receive a token for trading on the platform, similar to play-to-earn games”.

Kirill said that cooperation is essential for the project’s growth and mentioned that they are willing to work on more partnerships in the future. He was very enthusiastic about the support from Orca and expressed his hope for a long-lasting collaboration:

“We will do our best to list on the most prominent DEXes as well as on CEXes because we have a good relationship with all of the exchanges”.

Milan, ORCAs marketing mastermind welcomes TTT and calls the relationship with TabTrader “excellent”:

“We have been following the news from TabTrader for a while now and were very excited to know they are launching their own token. Happy to support the project and see it grow!”

As a team, we are very enthusiastic about the future of DeFi, and we expect DEXes to grow massively over the next few years. We plan to gradually implement the token in the ecosystem, as well as provide more trading options by connecting to as many decentralized exchanges as possible.

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