Watchlist and Ticker

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A watchlist is a list of instruments in the form of tickers that you can manage to suit your needs.

A ticker is a live price feed of an asset and contains relevant information which is continuously updated. In TabTrader a ticker is presented in the form of a card.

You can add and remove, sort and reposition your tickers within one watchlist, as well as change their appearance.

At the beginning there is only one watchlist by default, but you can add more.

Here's how you can add new tickers to your watchlist:

Click the "+ Ticker" button under the existing default tickers on the Watchlist page;

Screen Shot instrument search.png
Instrument search window

Select the instrument.

The new ticker will be added to the Watchlists screen.

Click "x" button in the search bar to return to the search screen.

Click "X" button in the upper right corner or anywhere outside the “Instruments” window to return to the current Watchlist.

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