Chart and Style Settings

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Once on the instrument screen you can customize the chart to suit your personal preferences.

TabTrader offers you 6 chart types you can switch over on the toolbar, as well as style customization.

Press the Chart Type icon on the toolbar to open the list of all chart types.


Press the Chart Settings icon on the toolbar to open the chart styling.

Here you can set up the style of each chart using a variety of parameters as desired.

Chart Types

1. Japanese candles

Candlesticks show four price points (open, close, high, and low) over the period of time specified by a selected timeframe. The price points are visualized by means of the candle’s “real body” and “wicks”.

This real body of the candle shows the price range between the open and close of that day's trading.

Wicks show the highs and lows of the candle.

japanese candles.png
Japanese candles

2. Heikin-Ashi

Heikin-Ashi is a candlestick pattern technique, the algorithm of which tends to reduce some market noise. It highlights trend direction more clearly than typical candlestick charts.

Green candles with no lower wicks are used to signal a strong uptrend, while red candles with no upper wicks are used to identify a strong downtrend.

heikin ashi.png

3. Line

A line chart displays price history, where data points are connected by a continuous straight line.


4. Area

An area chart depicts the area below the line on a line chart.


5. Bars

A bar chart visually depicts the open, high, low, and close price of an asset over a specified timeframe.

The vertical line on a price bar shows the high and low price for the period.

The left and right horizontal lines on each price bar show the open and closing price.

Bar charts are classically colored green if the close price is above the open. If the close is below the open the bar is usually colored red.


6. Hollow candles

Hollow candle charts closely follow Japanese candle charts in terms of theory.

A candlestick with a hollow body is called a bullish candlestick. The close is higher than the open.

A candlestick with a solid body is called a bearish candlestick. The close is lower than the open.

hollow candles.png
Hollow candles

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