Wallet Adapter

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Crypto asset trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXes) is now available on TabTrader.
On TabTrader Web, DEX trading can be performed using the Wallet Adapter, which allows you to connect a third-party non-custodial wallet.

Keep in mind that only wallets based on the Solana blockchain (Exodus, Phantom, Solflare, etc.) are compatible with the Wallet Adapter.

What is a wallet adapter?

A wallet adapter is a module that enables communication between a decentralized application (dApp) and your wallet. 

The wallet adapter allows decentralized exchange platforms to securely interact with your wallet without direct access to it.

The main purpose of this feature is to provide a seamless user experience via its ability to sign transactions and check wallet balances without requiring manual copying and pasting of transaction data.

By handling all sensitive information and transactions, the wallet adapter guarantees the security of your private keys and assets.

How to connect your wallet

Before you can start trading on DEX platforms with TabTrader, you need to have a wallet app installed in your browser. 

  • Open the wallet section at the top of the page near to your profile.
  • A list of available wallet apps will appear in the middle of the screen. Select your wallet. 
  • You will then be brought to your wallet app to approve connection to TabTrader. Confirm the connection.

TabTrader is now successfully linked to your wallet, which will appear in the Accounts list.

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