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To maintain your API keys, trade and access your data from any other devices or platforms, you’ll need to sign up. When signed in to your profile your features limits (number of alerts, tickers, indicators, etc.) are increased.

TabTrader doesn’t charge any fees for creating or maintaining your profile. No verification is required.

If you don’t have a profile, follow the steps below to create one:

Click the Sign up button at the top of the page;

On the Sign up dialog you can choose the sign-up method:

  • Sign up with Google: sign up using your Google account;
  • Sign up for TabTrader: sign up using your email and password to authenticate.

Note your password must consist of at least 8 symbols. There must be at least one digit, one uppercase and one lowercase letter, and one special symbol (%,?,#). Make sure your email address is correct — you won’t be able to change it afterwards.

All your data will be synchronized with your profile and will be right there when you need it.

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