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Unlocking TabTrader's Must-Use Indicators

Crypto trading would be nothing without indicators — no matter how experienced they are, every trader has their ‘go-to’ selection of tools and metrics to help them navigate rollercoaster crypto markets successfully.

TabTrader was built on the premise that trading Bitcoin and altcoins needn’t be confusing or complicated. Whether at home or on the go, the TabTrader app brings together the entire crypto market and places it at your fingertips in a convenient, powerful all-in-one terminal.

When it comes to users’ favorite crypto trading instruments, however, which top the list? Continue reading to discover just that — the TabTrader features that millions of traders love the most.

The Power of Technical Analysis

Crypto — whether Bitcoin, major altcoins or trendsetting new tokens — is notoriously volatile. 

To trade crypto markets, investors need solid aids in the form of tried-and-tested indicators, ideally combined with a firm knowledge of technical chart analysis. Not everyone is a markets veteran, however, and there are plenty of tools that casual investors and newbies alike can leverage to get the most from their crypto strategies.

Almost fifteen years since Bitcoin’s creation, the best indicators for trading crypto have proven themselves time and time again, becoming community classics in their own right. Some will be familiar from traditional or legacy markets, demonstrating their broad application in areas from forex trading to stocks and commodities.

After all, regardless of the strategy in play, the right indicator at the right time can make or break a trade — especially in a market environment which is often impossible to second guess or trade on blind faith. 

Meet TabTrader

TabTrader marks a revolution in crypto trading for investors everywhere, from beginners to markets experts.

Imagine trading thousands of cryptoassets on the world’s biggest exchanges using an encyclopedia of trading instruments — anywhere, any time, in one place. That’s the TabTrader app.

TabTrader features an intuitive trading terminal that allows you to say goodbye to multiple browser tabs, trading delays and endless confusion. All that is replaced with a highly customizable interface that caters to every trader’s needs.

The result? Users can focus on the task at hand and get the most out of the fast paced world of crypto markets — a space like no other.

Essential Indicators

What are the crypto trading indicators that TabTrader users trust more than any others? Read on to find out and see how your trading strategy can benefit from adopting them.

Moving Averages

It may sound surprising, but top of the list when it comes to classic crypto trading indicators among exchange users is the classic moving average.

The simple (SMA) and exponential (EMA) moving averages have formed the backbone of market interaction for more TabTrader users than any other indicator over the past year — and it’s easy to see why. They offer a clear overview of a market trend, and help provide insight into likely support and resistance levels.

SMA simply calculates an average price across a given number of periods (the timeframe can be changed to suit your needs). 

EMA, on the other hand, gives a larger weighting to more recent periods. Older price data has less of an impact. This has the effect of sharpening the trendline’s movement, meaning that an EMA more closely reacts to spot price changes than an SMA.


SMA and EMA data for a BTC/USD chart on the TabTrader terminal

Bollinger Bands

Close behind moving averages is arguably the ultimate crypto volatility indicator: Bollinger Bands.

Created by John Bollinger in the early 1980s, the Bands also use moving averages — and standard deviation — to provide a reference range for an asset’s price action. The resulting channel also gives traders a way to track breakouts both up and down, as well as identify local bottoms and tops.

For more information on Bollinger Bands, how they’re calculated and how they work, check out the TabTrader Academy article here.


Bollinger Bands data for a BTC/USD chart on TabTrader Web

Relative Strength Index

Relative strength index (RSI), another must have basic indicator, essentially tracks whether an asset is overbought or oversold at a given price.

It employs a reference range between 0 and 100, with lower than 30 considered ‘oversold’ and above 70 ‘overbought’. During strong trends, such as a run to a Bitcoin price cycle peak, price can spend extended periods outside the 30-70 zone.

RSI is also useful in determining the strength of a trend, and traders look for divergences in RSI trajectory compared to price itself.


RSI data for a BTC/USD weekly chart on the TabTrader terminal

Moving Average Convergence/Divergence

Moving averages once more feature at the heart of another popular TabTrader indicator — moving average convergence/divergence (MACD).

MACD is a momentum oscillator. It fluctuates around zero, with its position — as well as the interaction of its two lines — used for insight into a market’s overall trend. 

Its parameters can be freely adjusted, but by default, MACD subtracts the 26-period moving average from the 12-period counterpart. A 9-period EMA of that value is then calculated, providing the second line.


MACD data for a BTC/USD daily chart on the TabTrader terminal

Advanced Indicators

Crypto traders can reap considerable rewards by successfully employing the classic indicators introduced above, but there’s much more to TabTrader than moving averages.

The world’s biggest exchanges offer a world of tools to suit everyone’s trading strategy, including pro traders with years and even decades of experience. TabTrader brings them all together. 

A classic example is Fibonacci retracement — an indicator that leverages the Fibonacci sequence to provide support and resistance levels for a given asset. These percentage ratios regularly feature in crypto analysis, and there is no shortage of occasions where the price of Bitcoin, for instance, has stuck rigidly to their targets.

Equally popular are indicators which employ complex calculations to deliver nuanced price signals, such as the Ichimoku Cloud — a collection of trendlines which provide insight into trend strength and direction, along with potential buy and sell signals.

Find out more about TabTrader users’ favorite indicators, including these ones, at the TabTrader Academy.

Customizing Your Strategy

It goes without saying that as a TabTrader user, you can adjust any indicator to suit your specific needs.

The TabTrader terminal provides practically limitless possibilities for doing so — parameters from timeframes to the way in which indicators are calculated can all be freely edited. This is an essential part of a comprehensive trading strategy, and when it comes to crypto, investors require the ultimate flexibility to navigate ever-changing market dynamics.

A crypto trading indicator is not just a set of numbers — it can fulfill a bespoke role catering to a specific asset in a specific set of circumstances.

Tips for Mitigating Risk

While crypto now benefits from cutting-edge trading indicators to empower investors, it remains a fact of life that crypto equals volatility.

Unpredictability is what arguably makes trading crypto so rewarding once it is tamed, but risk for everyone remains, whether they are a beginner or pro.

TabTrader thus recommends getting acquainted with exchange order types before deploying a strategy. These can provide the key safety measures needed to avoid falling victim to a sudden volatile market move and losing capital — or worse.

Whether mastering Stop-Loss orders, understanding the risks of trading on leverage or even getting to grips with the infamous Martingale strategy, the TabTrader Academy has all the knowledge you need to keep crypto trading risks in check.

Ready to get on board with TabTrader?

This article seeks to provide a window into the world of TabTrader’s crypto trading indicators. 

It covers essential and advanced indicators, their basic properties and how they can be of use to prospective traders. We also provide some suggestions for safe trading, avoiding the classic pitfalls of volatile markets and reducing reliance on risky strategies.

Whether entry-level or advanced, these indicators are an essential part of trading crypto markets, and something that everyone can benefit from, regardless of their experience.

Together with the TabTrader terminal, our users can explore and implement a huge range of tools to inform their Bitcoin and altcoin trading strategy.

Ready to revolutionize your crypto trading with TabTrader? Check out our app for iOS, Android and Web today.

Once on board, let us know how you’re getting on! Use the hashtag #tabtrader to keep us up to date with how you use TabTrader indicators. We’ll even select the best and share them on our X account! Good luck and happy trading!

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