Exploring TabTrader Pro: Elevate Your Trading Experience

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What Is TabTrader Pro?

TabTrader Pro is TabTrader’s premium subscription service. It offers a variety of advanced tools to help you maximize your potential in the market.

Key Benefits of TabTrader Pro

Expanded feature limits

TabTrader Pro gives you considerably higher limits on the usage of various features within the app compared to the free version. This allows traders greater flexibility in crafting their trading strategies and expands their market reach. Below is a comparison table illustrating the limits for each feature in both versions:


Expanded Feature Limits

Advanced Technical Indicators

Technical indicators are a fundamental component of technical analysis. They provide traders with quantitative measures of market behavior, helping them analyze trends, momentum, volatility, and other important aspects of price movements.

While the free version of TabTrader offers a selection of basic technical indicators, upgrading to the TabTrader Pro subscription will significantly broaden your analytical toolkit. Here is a comparison of the technical indicators available in the free and Pro versions:


Advanced Technical Indicators

Find out more about each technical indicator: 

Multiple Exchange Integration

With TabTrader Pro you can connect up to 25 exchange accounts within your profile, consolidating all your trading activities into one convenient platform. 


Supported Exchanges in TabTrader

Volume Delta in Measure

For TabTrader Pro subscribers, the measure tool displays cumulative volume delta, in addition to the basic metrics such as price change, volume, distance, and time for the selected period. With this feature, traders can analyze the order flow dynamics within custom time intervals directly on the price chart.

Distraction-Free Trading

With TabTrader Pro, traders can focus solely on their trades without interruptions from advertisements

Who Is TabTrader Pro Suitable for?

TabTrader Pro is suitable for anyone looking to upgrade their cryptocurrency trading experience. While the free version of TabTrader meets a trader’s basic needs, TabTrader Pro caters to those who desire a more comprehensive and advanced trading environment. With exclusive technical analysis tools, integration with multiple exchanges, expanded monitoring capabilities, and other advanced features, TabTrader Pro empowers traders to navigate the cryptocurrency market with greater confidence and efficiency.

How to Buy TabTrader Pro?

Users can purchase TabTrader Pro using cryptocurrency (TTT or SOL) within our web app or through the application store with traditional payment methods. To initiate a purchase, navigate to the corresponding section labeled "Pro" in the web app or "TabTrader Pro" in the mobile apps and select your preferred payment method. Please note that paying for TabTrader Pro with our native currency TTT, gives you a 30% discount.

For a more detailed guide on how to purchase TabTrader Pro via either the mobile or web app, please refer to this article in our Help Center.

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